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UN Declares 2026 International Year of Women Farmers

UN declares 2026 'International Year of Women Farmers' (azernews.az)

By Nazrin Abdul, AZERNEWS

3 May 2024 - The UN General Assembly unanimously passed a resolution designating 2026 as the "International Year of Women Farmers," highlighting the challenges encountered by women in agricultural systems worldwide, Azernews reports.

The resolution underscores the importance of addressing these obstacles and emphasizes initiatives aimed at promoting awareness, implementing effective policies, and adopting measures to support women in agriculture.

The resolution emphasizes that achieving gender equality and empowering women in agriculture requires addressing these challenges comprehensively.

The UN General Assembly urges the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to collaborate with regional agencies to effectively implement the resolution and advance the rights and opportunities of women farmers globally.

WUNRN – 07.05.2024




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