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State of Civil Society 2024: A World of Crises: CIVICUS

Direct Link o Full 140-Page 2024 Civicus Report;

state-of-civil-society-report-2024_en.pdf (civicus.org)



Civil society is being tested like never before by a series of multiple and accelerating crises. Amid growing conflict and repression, in 2023 civil society faced mounting obstacles that made it harder to do its essential work of helping people, making their voices heard and upholding human rights. But civil society still managed to hold the line and make a difference to many. It’s still a vital source of hope. The world is currently in a dire state – but it would be much worse were it not for civil society.

The way out of crises is to listen to, work with and enable civil society. CONFLICT AND CRISIS: A WORLD IN DISARRAY Civil society is under attack amid deepening and intensifying conflict. In too many countries, people can’t take the most fundamental rights for granted. When they wake in the morning they can’t assume they’ll live to see another day. One in six people are currently exposed to conflict. Conflict-related deaths are at their highest in decades, with civilian casualties up 62 per cent in 2023.

Global military spending rose a record US$2.2 trillion. The spectre of genocide has returned. The Gaza conflict has rocked the world. In a grotesque act of collective punishment, Israeli forces are unleashing unrelenting cruelty on civilians. The suffering must stop, immediately. Even after that, the impacts will be felt for generations to come. Violence threatens to escalate further across the Middle East, and the region is far from the only one submerged in conflict. Russia continues to wage its deadly war on Ukraine, civilians suffer as military fights militia in Sudan and a bloody conflict has set in three years on from a military coup in Myanmar. These are just some of today’s conflicts. In all of them, belligerents are targeting civilians, often because of their ethnicity.

WUNRN – 05.05.2024




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