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Women Whistleblowers - Against Fraud, Corruption

We often hear the word Whistleblower in the news these days. Yes, women can be Whistleblowers, amidst risks and challenges, following ethics, values, courage, to fight against fraud, greed, corruption.

Whistleblower – A person who informs on a person or organization regarded as engaging in an unlawful or immoral activity.


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All employees face challenges when faced with workplace fraud or corruption. Women in particular may also face the additional hurdle of workplace discrimination. This can make their jobs feel even more precarious, or their voice more at risk of being ignored.

Women Whistleblowers is a forum to honor the many women who have valiantly blown the whistle and otherwise put themselves out there for the cause of equity. The site also provides information and items of interest to those who are grappling with issues in their own workplaces or issues they know of beyond their workplace, or just anyone who wants to learn about what these courageous women are doing in the fight against fraud and greed.


Women Whistleblowers Campaign Shows Why Women Make Great Whistleblowers

HOUSTON, /PRNewswire/ -- Historically, women have been the ones to shed light on some of the most egregious cases of fraud and waste in government, corporations and other organizations. 'Women Whistleblowers' the website and social media campaign features many of these courageous women and has garnered the attention of the online community as a whole. On Facebook alone, over 63,000 people have liked the Women Whistleblowers page, and many others engage with the campaign via Twitter and Instagram.

Launched in October 2017, the Women Whistleblowers campaign includes a website highlighting women who have bravely exposed wrongdoing in some of the largest corporations and organizations to change corporate behavior and public policy for the better. Among them are Enron whistleblower Sherron Watkins, JP Morgan Chase whistleblowers Alayne Fleischmann and Linda Almonte, and legendary PG&E whistleblower Erin Brokovich. These women successfully challenged large corporations and agencies to bring about positive outcomes for the public.

Women Whistleblowers seeks to help women expose fraud and wrongdoing within their organizations, including healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry, banking and government administration. So many women are in ideal positions to observe and record fraud, such as bookkeepers and administrators, and are ready and willing to speak out to protect the public. They risk less, as many corporations are still part of the "boys' club," plus, women are generally more inclined to protect those in weaker positions.

Currently, the Women Whistleblowers campaign is seeking a law firm partner willing to represent these courageous women. Women Whistleblowers is making a difference, one woman at a time.

"We hope to keep building momentum and help women expose fraud and corruption," says Jessica Copen, senior writer. "With the right law firm partner, we can ensure these courageous women's voices are heard and protected."

About Women Whistleblowers: Officially launched in October 2017, Women Whistleblowers is a movement to honor and assist women who expose fraud and corruption and encourage others to stand up for gender equality. The campaign includes a website: womenwhistleblowers.com, Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram and YouTube channel. In partnership with a whistleblower law firm, Women Whistleblowers will also serve as a resource for women protecting themselves legally as whistleblowers.

If you are a law firm interested in partnering with Women Whistleblowers, please call: 713-302-3969 or email:  Оваа е-адреса е заштитена од спамботови. Треба да ви е овозможено JavaScript за да ја видите.

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