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Generation Equality Accountability Report 2023

Direct Link to Full 13-Page UN Women & Gender Equality Report: EJR-report-2023.pdf (generationequality.org)

The 2023 Accountability Report demonstrated that the Generation Equality stakeholder model of solidarity and collaboration is working. With a remarkable presence in 126 countries, Generation Equality stakeholders are mobilizing new funding of at least USD 47 billion and are delivering game changing results through 849 policies, 2,306 programmes and 3,649 advocacy initiatives. New opportunities for collaboration are being fostered, reinforcing the importance of a networked multilateralism to transform gender inequality. Globally, 82 per cent of reported commitments have resulted in new or strengthened partnerships and 89 per cent support marginalized groups or communities. Among the six Action Coalitions, the Economic Justice and Rights Action Coalition is dedicated to achieving economic justice and rights for women and girls.

It unites stakeholders from diverse sectors and regions, spurring concrete advocacy, financial, programmatic and policy commitments that range from supporting women-owned and led businesses in value chains through gender-responsive procurement to fostering women’s and girls’ education and skills-building in traditionally male-dominated, high-growth sectors, such as in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and energy.

Извор: WUNRN – 26.03.2024




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