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EU - The Missing Entrepreneurs - Women, Youth, Seniors +

The OECD will accelerate its development of policy options to help close the gaps in well-being, within and between countries, between genders and between generations. The OECD will ensure that all its analysis, research and policy advice integrates a gender equality perspective.

Direct Link to Full 312-Page OECD 2023 Publication:  230efc78-en.pdf (oecd-ilibrary.org)

Three quarters of the “missing” entrepreneurs in the EU are women. Despite the many actions taken in their favour an important gender gap persists. The European Commission strongly encourages Member States to look at work-life balance issues and access to childcare in particular, and to fully implement the EU Council Recommendation on access to social protection for all. Entrepreneurship policy can play a role in supporting active ageing policy. There is a growing population of healthy seniors with the skills, financial resources, and time available to contribute to economic activity through entrepreneurship. Business set up by seniors may be good valorisation of the precious experience older people have built throughout their carrier. Improving the social and labour market inclusion of people with disabilities is an important political objective. Entrepreneurship can be part of the suite of policy tools used to achieve it. However, few EU Member States have well-developed support systems for entrepreneurs with disabilities.

 Извор: WUNRN – 16.03.2024




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