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2023 Global Organized Crime Index


The Global Organized Crime Index 2023 reveals the continuing rise of organized crime globally, with 83% of the world’s population living in conditions of high criminality. Conversely, the number of people living in conditions of low resilience to organized crime globally has declined significantly: now, 62% of the world’s population, compared to 79.4% in 2021.

Along with the original 10 criminal market indicators, the Organized Crime Index 2023 has introduced five new indicators to measure criminal activity:

  • financial crimes
  • cyber-dependent crimes
  • illicit trade in excise goods
  • counterfeit goods
  • extortion and protection racketeering

These additions and the inclusion of private sector actors as a new “criminal actor” type provide a broader perspective on the emerging threats, and underscore our commitment to providing critical data that can help support effective response strategies.

As a data-driven toolkit, the Index now offers more expansive and refined analysis. This broadened lens enhances our collective understanding of the illicit economy and resilience capacities.

With the release of the Global Organized Crime Index 2023, we aim to empower global actors, from policymakers to civil society, to enact effective, evidenced-based strategies in the fight against organized crime. 

Извор: WUNRN – 19.11.2023






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