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The Right to Abortion in Europe: Self-Determination Under Pressure?


Direct Link to Full 29-Page 2023 Dossier: Dossier 1/2023 | The right to abortion in Europe (beobachtungsstelle-gesellschaftspolitik.de)

The Dossier 1 – 2023 - Deals with European, national and civil society perspectives on the right to abortion. By Katrin Lange

The right to abortion is highly contested. While supporters demand that pregnant persons be able to make decisions about their own bodies, opponents want to ban abortions in principle.

The fact is that a ban on abortions does not prevent abortions, but rather leads to more high-risk abortions and violates human rights.

How a person can terminate their pregnancy is regulated differently in the EU Member States: The spectrum ranges from a largely self-determined decision in Sweden to an almost complete ban in Malta.

While the national responsibility largely restricts the role of the European Union, the European Parliament calls for European-wide right to abortion.

Извор: WUNRN – 03.10.2023





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