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Prioritizing Care Work Can Unlock a Just Transition for All

Women's Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)

Direct Link to Full 24-Page WECAN Report Publication: https://www.wecaninternational.org/_files/ugd/d99d2e_371549ec6a0f48449e9a4b306e8fc72e.pdf

Women in all of their diversity have been exploited and their contributions to work and the economy have historically been ignored.1 The disregard of women’s contributions is most strongly reflected in care work, which acts as a key pillar of society and economies is predominantly carried out by women, particularly those from marginalized communities. • Women bear a disproportionate responsibility for securing food, water and fuel in many regions, so as the effects of climate change increase, such as agricultural losses, water insecurity and resultant impacts on livelihoods, care obligations will further increase. • By prioritizing well-being within planetary boundaries over material and economic growth, a just transition with care integrated at its core can be mutually beneficial for women, communities, the climate, and all of the Earth’s ecosystems. • Investing in care can recognize and redistribute care work, as well as reduce the burden of care work for women, boosting their participation in paid employment, such as in renewable energy.

Извор: WUNRN – 02.10.2023



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