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Protecting Women & Girls from Violence in the Digital Age


Direct Link to Full 71-Page 2021 Report: file:///C:/Users/Lois/Downloads/153621GBR_digital%20violence%20women.pdf

The Istanbul Convention is the most far-reaching international treaty to tackle violence against women and domestic violence. Its comprehensive set of provisions spans far-ranging preventive and protective measures as well as a number of obligations to ensure an adequate criminal justice response to such serious violations of human rights. The Budapest Convention on Cybercrime is the most relevant international agreement on cybercrime and electronic evidence. It provides for the criminalisation of offences against and by means of computers, procedural law tools to secure electronic evidence, and for international co-operation among Parties. This study looks at the complementary application of these two conventions to address online and technology-facilitated violence against women through co-ordinated policies, prevention, protection, prosecution and international co-operation.

Извор: WUNRN – 14.07.2023




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