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EU - Contribution from the Civil Society Forum on Drugs to Enhance the GENDER Perspective into EU Drug Policy

Direct Link to Full 19-Page 2023 Report: https://www.dianova.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/202304-CSFD-Gender-and-drugs.pdf

Women who use drugs are two to five times more likely to have suffered gender-based violence than women who do not use drugs.3 Indeed, gender-based violence can be understood as an initiating or aggravating factor in drug dependence. Violence and drug dependence form a complex relationship that needs to be addressed in a holistic, rather than fragmented, manner. Gender-based violence should therefore be addressed as a public health issue, including through the provision of additional services to counteract gender-based violence whilst supporting those who face such violence. Such services should be fully integrated with gender sensitive drug prevention, treatment, harm reduction, care and recovery services. Indeed, there is a dire need for comprehensive, quality care for women who use drugs in situations of gender-based violence. The following principles should be applied while delivering essential services to women who use drugs: 1) a rights-based approach; 2) advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment; 3) cultural, age appropriate and sensitive; 4) a survivor-centered approach; 5) safety is paramount; 6) perpetrator accountability. Unfortunately, most of these principles are not applied or are not fully applied in the essential services, when it comes to women who use drugs. For instance, gender-based violence could be addressed through interventions in women- and gender-non-conforming people-only settings that deal with gender-based violence (group therapies), whilst working with non-violent coping mechanisms in harm reduction, treatment, care, and recovery settings.

Извор: WUNRN – 07.07.2023



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