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Declaration of Feminist Digital Justice

Direct Link to Full 6-Page 2023 Publication: JNC-WG-Declaration-of-Feminist-Digital-Justice_2023.pdf (feministdigitaljustice.net)

LINK TO ENDORSE THE DECLARATION OF FEMINIST DIGITAL JUSTICE: Endorse the Declaration of Feminist Digital Justice (google.com)

The central pillars of this Declaration are: A digital economy based on social and solidarity economy enterprise models that equitably distribute data value, a digital society based on reciprocity and solidarity, a digital state grounded in a feminist social contract, and a new democratic digital constitutionalism that furthers the right to development of the peoples of the global South. On 6 March 2023, we launched the Declaration at CSW67, and in just a week, it has been viewed over 1000 times.

Извор: WUNRN –25.03.2023




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