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Climate Justice Needs Young Feminists - WECF Activity Kit

Direct Link to full 18-Page 2022 WECF Activity Kit: WECF-activity-kit-online-EN.pdf - WECF – Women Engage for a Common Future -

Being a young person today is equal parts exciting and confusing. Navigating a global pandemic, the climate crisis, as well as taking time to understand yourself and how you relate to the world around you can be a lot sometimes. Many youth from all over the world are coming together to fight for their futures, and in doing so are not only changing the world but are also better understanding themselves and what they want. This interactive toolkit will help you make sense of some of your political desires and demands and explain how you can use these feelings to inspire action!

The link between wider global issues and your own personal identity is important, even if it might not be obvious to begin with. Gender identity intersects with other areas of self[1]identification (racialized group, dis/ability, migrant or refugee status, sexual orientation, religion, class) and this will change how you understand and experience the climate crisis. Fighting against climate change, environmental degradation and natural disasters should be intertwined with a fight for a more equal and fair society.

Извор: WUNRN – 25.02.2023




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