Здружение ЕСЕ


   Здружение за еманципација, солидарност и еднаквост на жените.








Secure Land & Property Rights for Women Home-Based Workers


Groups on the lower end of the continuum, such as pavement dwellers and unregularized squatter settlements, are the most vulnerable, living in precarious conditions and facing multiple deprivations and a constant threat of eviction. Even where the risk of eviction is low, having insecure tenure impacts the ability of communities to access government schemes and subsidies, formal loans from banks, and basic infrastructure services like electricity, water, and sanitation. For home-based workers, this means not being able to invest in improving and upgrading their houses.

Извор: WUNRN – 06.02.2023




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Човекови права во здравствена заштита

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