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Right to Food & Nutrition Watch: False Solutions to Hunger & Malnutrition

Direct Link to Full 32-Page 2021 Right to Food & Nutrition Watch Report:

rtfn_watch13-2021_eng_web.pdf (righttofoodandnutrition.org)

Realizing a holistic human right to adequate food and nutrition can shift the conversation beyond food access and charity, and also uncover solutions that strike at the systemic root causes of hunger and poverty. In the same way that the causes of food insecurity were palpable long before the COVID-19 outbreak, the responses to the increased need for food and income during these times are also not ‚new‘. Grassroots organizations and their communities, and global social movements, have a long history of organizing and responding to the needs of those seeking food and income – from mutual aid to solidarity brigades, to increased household and community food production.

Извор: WUNRN – 20.12.2022




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