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Policies for Systemic Change: Lessons from the Global COVID-19 Crisis - Civil Society Spotlight

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Spotlight_Innenteil_2020_web_gesamt_.pdf (2030spotlight.org)

COVID-19 is a global catastrophe, but every one of the millions of infections has happened in the context of close local contact. While global mobility has spread the new coronavirus at fast speed all over the world, national capacities and policies to confront it are very different. Injustices and inequalities aggravate the impact of COVID-19 and without strong intervention from the State, the existing imbalances are reinforced. A few billionaires are getting richer while the slow-paced progress over decades to reduce global hunger and poverty is being reversed. Civil society organizations around the world are monitoring the impact of COVID-19 and reclaiming the streets, with revitalized leadership and a rainbow of demands that combine old and new issues. “Back to normal” is not possible nor desirable.

Извор: WUNRN – 12.09.2021




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